Total Technique And Tone Makeover

Are your frustrated with your piano playing?

You sit down at the piano with the desire to play music from the heart but instead you:

  • Fumble and play wrong notes
  • Have an uneven tone that is either so timid it can hardly be heard or loud that you think the piano is barking at you
  • Can't express yourself with artistic confidence at the keyboard?


Then its time to turbo-charge your playing?

Join me and an extraordinary group of pianists of all ages and levels who are ready to catapult their piano playing to the next level and dismantle technical roadblocks over 5 powerful weeks using the momentum of the Total Tone Makeover clinic.


To understand why I’ve created this program, find out what a Total Tone Makeover did for me.


Before having a total tone makeover…


I felt isolated, practicing the piano relentlessly and not getting anywhere. I was spending so much time practicing, yet there was very little progress to show for it.

My technique was shaky, I felt insecure in my playing and to make matters worse, I began to experience pain in my hands and forearms.

I dreamed of playing the lush and challenging piano music of Liszt, Chopin and Rachmaninoff but I had to face to reality that it wasn’t going to happen.

It seemed unattainable and I sunk in a pit of frustration.


I knew I had so much potential inside of me, and it felt like each piano method I tried that promised me the results I was looking for would be the silver bullet that would save my playing.

But that never happened…


The money I spent on all these courses and lessons added up fast, and the problem was that I didn’t know how to put all the pieces together into a plan that would work for me and give me lasting benefits.


After starting the Tone and Technique Makeover…


Things really changed and fast! I started to gain a solid technique and my abilities as a pianist started to grow.

Technical problems that seemed out of reach started to become attainable and best of all the physical strain and pain in my muscles melted away.

I went from being a frustrated pianist to a confident artist.

I was living proof that the wisdom of the past was true and applicable to modern day musical problems:


When you master tone production, you gain a solid technique, artistry and total enjoyment from playing.

It is the pianistic ‘silver bullet.’


Joining the Tone and Technique Makeover Program is liberating.

You come out with an understanding that less is more. You learn to focus on the essential choreography necessary to attain a beautiful tone and all the benefits of great piano playing follow.


And because of the amazing transformation I’ve witnessed through this course I am confident it will work for you. 

Over the last 20 years I’ve taught this method to countless numbers of students in my NYC studio and in my ‘Pianoforte School of Music’ and have seen them revolutionize their piano playing and shed layers of bad habits that held them back.


I’ve been able to witness firsthand the results that come from applying a few simple yet powerful principles to piano playing.

I’ve taken the guesswork out, and distilled 20 years of training into a system that could be learned quickly. After the first lesson you will see, hear and feel tangible results.

You will create a beautiful tone, be set on the road to effortless technique and achieve total relaxation in the body, mind and spirit.


The Total Tone Makeover Program is PERFECT For You If…


  • You have hit a wall in your piano playing. You know that you are not reaching your potential and are frustrated by the lack of concrete answers out there.
  • You have spent a lot of time and money on hocus-pokus piano methods and are still not on the fast track to getting the results you desire.
  • You’re a person who doesn’t want a cookie-cutter approach to piano playing. You own your musical uniqueness and are not afraid to have people say, “Ahh…I recognize that playing. That sound is unforgettable…Surely it must be _________(insert your name here)”
  • You are not afraid to work hard, shed layers of bad habits and have the openness to a new approach that is solidly based on a proven method from the past. It might go against everything you’ve been previously taught, but you are open to it and trust that this is for you.


The Total Tone and Technique Makeover is NOT For You If…


  • You are not open to new experiences, ways of thinking or different approaches than the ones you’re used to.
  • You are stuck in the theories of your past teachers, even though you are frustrated. You refuse to accept the fact that there is a danger in blindly adhering to a ‘Tradition Without Truth’ and don’t want to move out of that mindset.
  • You want to stay ‘safe’ and play like everybody else. You are afraid to rock the musical boat and don’t care to let your uniqueness be reflected through your piano playing.
  • You are not willing to follow directions or keep the commitment to following the program.


What You Will Get With The Program:


The program runs for 5 weeks. Each week I will send you a training module in the form of videos with step by step instructions and detailed examples.

You will be able to follow along and start implementing the method immediately on your piano.


Additionally you will get a pdf textbook, a practice checklist with exercises, and at the end of each week we will have a weekly check in with our private Facebook group.

During the duration of the 5 week program you will have access to the Total Tone and Technique Makeover private Facebook page where you can exchange thoughts, breakthroughs and enjoy the community of like minded participants of the program.


As the icing on the cake, at the end of the 5 weeks you are invited to participate in a 'piano party'  where through the magic of the internet we will share our new musical skills and for those who would like to take the plunge, a chance to perform in the comfort of a supportive group that is cheering you on.



Private Intensive with Margaret:


If you sign up now, before the course doors open in August, we’ll schedule a private 20 minute one-on-one meeting where we could dive deep into your playing and uncover the things that are keeping you stuck and the unlock ways you can move forward fast.

We’ll blast through any areas of your playing that need special attention, troubleshoot and I’ll answer all your questions so you can reach your goals more easily.


This program is designed for people who are fully committed and serious about taking this musical journey together.


If you think you are ready, submit your name and email to reserve your spot. Doors open in August 2016 and I'll have a limited number of openings for this course, so once the program is filled it will be sold out.

I look forward to our transformative journey together! If you think you'd like to participate, sign up for the waitlist below.