Transform in the Power of sound

Frequencies of Faith and Classical Music Reunite for Breakthrough

Fear is the root case of illness, limitation and pain in our life.

Like all things, fear has a frequency.

Faith is the opposite of fear.

When we add higher frequencies sounds of faith in our life we cancel the frequency of fear.

Change your sound and change your life.

Experience it now with a Prayer Piano Musical Elixir. It blends the Word of God with the anointed sounds of classical music for elevation of the mind, body and spirit.

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Take this elixir along with your vitamins…

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You can choose to have a day of victory or a day of drudgery.

It all depends on how you set your mind.

In this 6 minute FREE MP3 download, set your mind to the frequency of God’s peace, victory and joy with Scripture and the anointed music of JS Bach.

Use the positive sounds of this Musical Elixir to point your spirit and brain waves to the direction of your dreams.



“I listened to this amazing frequency music reclaiming my health/ casting out impurities while I slept. Here we are 6 weeks later and I am totally CLEAR and CLEAN of any cancer cells at any margin anywhere in my body!" Susan, Washington, DC

“When I first heard your Healing Music with Rachmaninoff and the topic of Rejection I was having a problem with a person. I listened to that and instantly had it lifted from me and I had been praying for weeks about it and just having a really rough time. Thank you so much!” Sandra Stelzl, (California)

“I felt the hope when we prayed with music. It was a conviction in my spirit...Your music probably pushed something physically. I received much peace and faith afterwards…(nodule in breast shrunk from 25mm to 16mm within 5 days).” Sue, Florence Italy 

“I was healed from Ankylosing Spondalitis by Heaven’s Melody and Margaret’s gift. I recommend Prayer Piano with no reservations!”

Richie (Oklahoma)


About Margaret


Hailed by the American Music Guide for her “versatility in many styles that emphasize chameleon-like transformations” Margaret Wacyk is a trailblazer who is breathing new life into the art of piano playing.

Ms. Wacyk is a concert pianist trained in the 19th century tradition of Golden Tone.

Additionally, she is the author of two books, a composer and recording artist. Her second recording, Piano Works was chosen as Gramophone Magazine’s Best New Releases from North America…READ MORE