Piano Works CD

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Piano Works CD


“One of the Best New Releases from North America” Gramophone Magazine

When Victor Hugo wrote: “Music is the vapor of art. It is to poetry what reverie is to thought, what fluid is to liquid, what the ocean of clouds is to the ocean of waves,” he reveals the ethereal soul of these masterworks.


Muzio Clementi: Sonata in F# minor, Op. 26, Nr.2

  • Allegro con espressione

  • Lento e patetico

  • Presto

Robert Schumann: Fantasiestucke, Op. 12

  • Des Abends (Evening)

  • Aufschwung (Soaring)

  • Warum? (Why?)

  • Grillen (Whims)

  • In der Nacht (In the Night)

  • Fabel (Fable)

  • Traumes Wirren (Tangled Dreams)

  • Ende Vom Lied (End of Story)

Alexander Scriabin: Sonata Nr. 4

  • Andante

  • Prestissimo volando

Frederick Chopin

  • Scherzo Op.31, Nr. 2

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