Journey of the Soul CD

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Journey of the Soul CD


"Here we have a sense of grandeur and dynamism as well as a refined approach to dynamics and tonal colour that shows what this pianist is capable of"  MusicWeb International

It has been said that life is a journey. The various voyages we take could bring us to far away places, enriching the scope of our reality.

However, sometimes the most important journeys we make have nothing to do with traveling great physical distances; the poignant trips are the ones that require personal growth, leaving our comfort zone in order to re-shape our outlook and recalibrate our internal meters.

These, in turn, promote a renewed vision of life and a clearer understanding of our destination. 


JS Bach-Liszt: Organ Prelude and Fugue in A minor, BWV 543

Robert Schumann: Arabesque, Op.18

Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata in E Flat major, Opus 81a (Das Lebewohl (Les Adieux), Abwesenheit (L’Absence), Das Wiedersehen (Le Retour)

Frederick Chopin: Polonaise in E minor, Opus 26, Nr. 2; Ballade in F minor, Opus 52

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