In this Musical Elixir the music of Mozart, Ravel and Debussy is overlaid with the healing tone of 417 hz. This tone is associated with the second note of the ancient scale ‘re’ in the Latin. (do, re, mi, fa, sol, etc…).

The second tone of the scale ‘re’ had not only a specific sound, but a specific spiritual purpose of restoration..

I recommend listening to this Elixir whenever possible, including in the background as your drive or while doing work. Obviously it is especially effective to use while you sleep at a low volume.

The music on this Elixir has been chosen for its calming effects. The impressionistic sounds of Ravel and Debussy create a pastel palette evokes a dream land of subtle watercolors and peaceful mood.

Be blessed by this special Elixir to help lift the cloud of insomnia. Start listening right away with this MP3 download.