What is a musical cocktail?

It's a blend of classical music, Scripture and a story. Each cocktail has a theme related to a common issues that we face in life.  Sometimes an infusion like this can break the cloud of worry and fear and give us a renewed sense of hope. Here's a sample:

Musical Cocktail #1: How to Deal with Loss

"I Miss You.."

Those 3 words seem so innocent...but they can impact us like an emotional tsunami.

When you miss someone, it is as if time moves as slow as a slug. Excruciating longing. Waiting...Hoping.

If there's anyone or anything you're missing today, you are in good company. His name is Ludwig von Beethoven. 

The great composer Beethoven experience loss many times in his life. He describes the agony of being separated from a loved one in his piece 'The Absence.'

Beethoven missed out on his childhood. He had an abusive father who would yank him out of bed at 2:00 am to practice piano when he was eight years old.

He also missed out on being with his one true love who he called his 'Immortal Beloved.' She was the one that got away.

Last but not least, he lost his sense of hearing that was as perfect as could be. Deafness forced him to withdraw from society by the age of 30. Beethoven had to redefine himself as a composer and went on to write his greatest masterpieces while totally deaf.

If you listen closely in this piece, you can hear the slow-as-molasses ticking of a clock in the background. It's such an expressive way to depict the feeling of waiting. One minute seems like an eternity when we wait in anticipation.

The heart breaking cry of longing can also be heard in the melody part. It surges forward with hope only to be plunged back to despair.

If you are experiencing the agony of separation or longing you can use this music as a sounding board for that emotion. Sometimes, music can help pull it out of ourselves so we could heal.

As you read the accompanying Scriptures, you can be assured that God will pull you through the pain and into His peace. 

Ready for another Cocktail for the Soul?

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