music to compose you

Medicine for the Soul Made with Music

A non-invasive way to heal and draw closer to God.

  • A blend of Scripture with a splash of classical music. Plus learn the story behind the music.

What does it do?

  • Refresh, Renew and Restore your spirit.

How Do i start?

  • Try it below with Blend #1.


Blend #1: dealing with LOSS

If you are experiencing the pain of loss today, it's often hard to find words to express the intensity of emotion. Music can help.

In fact, a great composer by the name of Ludwig von Beethoven did just that. He was no stranger to loss:

  • He lost his childhood because of an abusive father
  • He lost his 'Immortal Beloved' the true love of his life
  • As the final insult, he lost his hearing by the time he was 30 years old.

But through it all, he relied on Scripture, faith in God and a persistent hope that the Lord would 'work all things to the good.'

He went on to write his greatest masterpieces while completely deaf. 

Listen to the way he paints the emotion of loss in this piece called 'The Absence'. Let the featured Scriptures that sustained him also give you a peace that 'surpasses all understanding.'

(For more about his story, click here)

I'm a classical pianist/mixologist. I create musical cocktails for the soul.

I blend Scripture with a splash of classical music. 


Classical music creates a serene and receptive atmosphere for prayer. It stills the mind. 

Here's a question:

Do the distractions and high paced frenzy of day to day living rob you of a peaceful connection to your Spirit...especially in prayer? 

Sound can be your solution.

There is no faster, more efficient way to improve your thought patterns, emotions and energy.

It starts by being mindful of what you are listening to. 

Are your ready for another musical cocktail?

Try Blend #2: "God, Help Me Today". It's a guided prayer experience wrapped in the Divine sounds of JS Bach.