Did you know that we need 4 hours of high frequency sound, like those found in nature to nourish the body?

In our modern times we can get depleted of energizing frequencies. This leads to sickness of mind, body and spirit.

But did you know there is a superfood for the ear that can help restore what is depleted?



Free Download

Free Download

For those moments when you feel sluggish, instead of reaching for another coffee or candy bar, how about taking a Musical Elixir?

This high frequency elixir is a sound bath set to the joyous music of Haydn..Think of it as ‘sonic vitamin C’.

It will instantly boost your energy and get the endorphins flowing through your body. It is fortified with the healing tone of 528 hz, known as the miracle tone.

Sit back, close your eyes and let the sounds soak in.

Experience a brighter, energized and glowing mood in just a few minutes…




“I listened to this amazing frequency music reclaiming my health/ casting out impurities while I slept. Here we are 6 weeks later and I am totally CLEAR and CLEAN of any cancer cells at any margin anywhere in my body!" Susan, Washington, DC

“When I first heard your Healing Music with Rachmaninoff and the topic of Rejection I was having a problem with a person. I listened to that and instantly had it lifted from me and I had been praying for weeks about it and just having a really rough time. Thank you so much!” Sandra Stelzl, (California)

“I felt the hope when we prayed with music. It was a conviction in my spirit...Your music probably pushed something physically. I received much peace and faith afterwards…(nodule in breast shrunk from 25mm to 16mm within 5 days).” Sue, Florence Italy 

“I was healed from Ankylosing Spondalitis by Heaven’s Melody and Margaret’s gift. I recommend Prayer Piano with no reservations!”

Richie (Oklahoma)


Musical Elixirs

Our Musical Elixirs are a unique blend of targeted healing frequencies overlaid into selected piano masterpieces that are performed with prayerful intention.

Experience the power of music on a CELLULAR level. It is REAL MEDICINE.


Cancer & Disease

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Featured Music:

Liebestraum ‘Dream of Love’ by Franz Liszt