Heaven's Melody


This is a 30 minute track of the 'Miracle' sacred tone overlaid with healing Scriptures from the Bible. 

It is the third note (do, re, MI...) of the sacred scale. 

It has been known to heal damaged DNA!

I have personally had amazing physical breakthroughs using this track as have others whose testimonials you might have read.

I pray you are blessed by this track. 

"Faith comes from hearing and hearing the Word of God."

Here are 3 ways to use this resource:


1- As you sleep, or rest

This is by far the way I recommend to use this and share with loved ones. If you know someone in the hospital recovering from illness or surgery, this is wonderful to speed up recovery time. Simply relax and let the sound soak into your body and energize your cells!

2- Driving, walking

Many of us have busy lives and little free time to dedicate to self care. That's why this is a wonderful tool to use when you are on the go. Having this on as you drive is a great way to feed your spirit as you go about your day.

It's also wonderful to get in a joyful state of mind so when you arrive at your destination you are so re-invigorated people will think you just came back from a beach vacation!

3- In the background

In the office or at home it is a good idea to keep this track on in the background, as quietly as you like...

This works on a cellular level so don't worry about disturbing others...You can have it set on a low volume and it will be still working.

God bless you...This is a powerful meditation that has benefitted many.  I would love to hear your testimonials.

Please take a minute to let me know your experience with it

I pray it blesses you abundantly!

Get the full collection of all 7 sacred tones. $22

Get the full collection of all 7 sacred tones. $22