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Whether it be an audio download or a devotional, explore the difference classical music can make in prayer.

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Audio Downloads

Explore audio downloads on Itunes that within seconds, can initiate transformative change. Listen to classical melodies that will enhance your prayers. Play it off your phone, your computer, or even on your way to work.

Just listen, and feel the peace that a new connection to God can make, through music.



Sometimes the story is all that is takes to make music come alive. Learning about the real life struggles of our genius composers can inspire us. They used the wisdom they had and poured into their music. This enriches our life. Uncover the hidden secrets behind the music of Bach. Go on a historical journey, taking you behind the scenes to music's masterpieces.

So why is music so good for the soul? This and more is is behind the covers.


Live on Periscope

Thirsty for more music and prayer? Pray and play live through my Periscope. Together, we'll pray after learning about and listening to my "piece of the day", which I'll play live from my living room Steinway. Wherever you are, whoever you are, you too, can first hand experience the difference classical music can make in your relationship with God.


Let's not give up on them too soon...

 CD's are still around and for good reason! 

 A tangible archive of music, at it's finest, that one can play with the touch of a button. Order, and listen to classical music, played at biblical frequencies that will ignite your prayer in a way that no other media of expression can. Bach, Beethoven, and Chopin, each were Christian missionaries, with a heart to spread God's spirit through music. Revitalize prayer with a CD. So simple, yet so spiritually significant.


Airlifted- coming soon!

A devotional, spiritually challenging, a beautiful array of biblical passage, inner soul searching, and... music. With my upcoming devotional, Air Lifted, learn how to take your spiritual and daily life to new limits, exploring spirituality through the sound realm, a supernatural realm of power. Speak to your challenges, declare your prayer requests, and bask in biblical music. It's time to change. Just listen. Just speak.


Are you a pianist in the midst of a technical breakdown?

Piano is hard! Need Help? Visit the Total Tone Transform course. Learn about and initiate the use of fluid movement in piano. Feeling rigid and tense? It might be your posture. From the curvature of your wrist, to the subtle nuance of a finger, 19th century piano secrets will transform your playing. Redefine the piano, and erase everything you thought you knew. This is piano in the real world.

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With weekly posts, audio tracks, and the latest in divine melodies, submerge yourself in a world of music and prayer. This is classical music, as it was intended.