Live through the Music…Listen. Feel. Transform



The excitement of a live piano concert with a motivational teaching that will empower you to rise above your circumstances.


What struggle are you facing today?

Health loss, career insecurity, a broken relationship?

Sometimes the circumstances of life can become unbearable, leading you to lose hope and give up.

At those moments, your mindset is critical. Your outcome will be determined by the thoughts in your head.

Beethoven overcame the challenge of his life by flipping his mindset.

He took a tragedy and made it into an opportunity.

You can too. Get inspired by his story and transform with his energizing music.

Beethoven, one of the world’s greatest composers had to overcome a disastrous circumstance in his life.

At the height of his musical powers he became deaf.

His battle with deafness and the music that emerged from the silence is a powerful transformational tool we can use to elevate out of fear and into faith.

We transform by Living through It.

Live it through the music.

  • What do you do when life as you know it ceases to exists and all you see is chaos?

  • What do you do in life when all you feel is hopelessness?

  • What do you do in life when all you hear is the noise of negative thoughts and emotions?

Tune Up to higher frequencies of victory, faith and wisdom like Beethoven.

Live through it!

Walk in his footsteps, pray his prayers, learn his musical language, feel all the emotions.

LIVE THROUGH IT….and be set free.

Beethoven accepted the fate of becoming deaf…but he became the greatest composer despite of it.

You, like Beethoven, can turn around your situation.

Live through it.

Listen. Feel. Transform

In this 90 minute program, pianist Margaret Wacyk will take you inside Beethoven's heroic piano masterpiece, the Appassionata Sonata Op .57 written when the composer was in the battle of his life, facing deafness and a future of silence and isolation. Experience it and become unshakeable.

Next Show: November 9, 2019: Pluckemin Presbyterian Church, Bedminster, NJ.

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