Join a powerful prayer circle for a miraculous 2017.

Did the year 2016 leave you with less than you desired?

Are you worried that 2017 will just be a repeat of the same thing?

Well, the good news is that you don't have to settle for less than your dreams.

But first you should answer this question:

Can you believe that 2017 will be your year for breakthrough and miraculous increase?  

If your answer is 'YES!' then the Dream Team is waiting for you.

What is the Dream Team Prayer Circle?

It is a community of believers that stand in faith that "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me." (Phillipians 4:13).

Over the course of 90 days starting in January 2017, we will meet twice a month for glorious prayer sessions. We will get together on a group call (Google hangout) and use Scripture, prayer and ancient musical frequencies to enter an atmosphere of Praise as we raise up our intentions. (If you miss, it will be recorded so you can listen afterwards)

We will be accountability partners, supporting each other in fellowship towards the ultimate manifestation of our dreams.

It's hard to go at it alone...

I know this firsthand. Ten years ago I was struggling with health, financial and emotional issues:

  • In 2006, my 3 year old daughter was severely injured in a burn accident. My husband and I were given the diagnosis that she would need many painful surgeries that would leave her permanently scarred and having limited mobility.
  • We had financial troubles as my husband's employer was going through layoffs and my newly launched music school was not making a profit.
  • The stress took a toll on my emotional health. I began to suffer from anxiety and debilitating panic attacks.
  • We were quickly outgrowing our small condo living space with our expanding family and yearned for a house with a yard where the kids could play.
  • Plus, I had no piano, which threatened to stall my career as a pianist. 

But in 2007, I had a Miracle Year.

  • My daughter was completely healed from 2nd and 3rd degree burns with no scar on her body.
  • My husband landed a dream job, against all the odds.
  • I was healed of anxiety and given a peace and security that I had never known.
  • We got a home with a backyard in a desirable neighborhood. Plus we sold our condo at asking price just days before the housing market collapsed.
  • I got a piano that was beyond what I could dream for at an incredible price...The instrument was so magnificent that it was used for performances in a world-class concert hall.  

Could such a reversal happen within a few short months? I am witness that it did and only God could do it. 

You Too can have a Miracle Year where you see increase in your health, finances, Enjoy A happier family life and restored relationships. 

When I look back, there was one thing that was a game changer for me. It was something I started doing in 2007 that I never did before. I joined a Dream Team--a circle of Believers that prayed in powerful agreement. And now we can form a brand new circle: with You! 

"Two are better than one because they have a good return on their labor". Ecclesiastes 4:9

It's been 10 years since the 2007 miracle year.

There's something powerful about the number 7. It is God's number for completeness and perfection.

I believe that 2017 will be YOUR MIRACLE YEAR.

Here are the adjustments I made in my prayer life during the miracle year that you can use to create yours:

  • Praying with intentionality like never before.
  • Joining a group of Believers for weekly prayer. 
  • Applying the Scriptural Power of the Spoken Word of God.
  • Enriching the prayers with anointed music. (a hidden key that is not used enough, but is so powerful.) 

Are you ready for a 2017 that will be your Breakthrough Year?

Here's what to do:

1- Download my free 4 part part audio training:

Each week in December I am breaking down the 4 steps for a 2017 Miracle Year so that when January comes, we are ready. Prepare your heart and get clear now so that when 2017 rolls around in just a few weeks, we will hit the Spiritual ground running.

the 4 STEPS outlined in the audio training

  1.  Identity: Who are you? What does the Word say about who you are? How does it compare with your assessment of yourself?
  2.  Intent: Get clear about what you want. Write it down. Declare it.
  3.  Incubate: Sometimes miracles take time. Keep the faith while you wait. 
  4.  Inevitability: Knowing it will come to pass. Applying the Scripture to take hold of the Promises for your life.

2- If you're ready, join the Dream Team Prayer Circle where we'll meet twice a month.

A season lasts for 3 months. Let's energize the first quarter of 2017 with intentional prayer so that when the season ends, we will reap the harvest.

How to participate? You can actively participate in the call and speak your prayers out loud during the open session, but if you feel more comfortable being quiet, you may type in your intentions, Scriptures or just simply listen and pray along in your heart. It's all impactful.

We will meet every two weeks for an hour of Glory-filled prayer infused with miraculous musical frequencies that are taken from the Old Testament. The last time this combination of prayer and music was used a participant was healed of an aggressive cancer! 

It's free...The only requirement is an open heart and Belief that the Lord Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.

3- Plug into the Dream Team community.  It keeps you on track, is caring about your success and has a built-in accountability factor. Plus you receive additional resources that will help you stay in the miracle zone during our 90 days together.