Classical gold


Classical music is an untapped natural resource that has the power to renew our mind, refresh our Spirit and help us heal.

It is a treasure that we can use right now to bring positive benefits to our life.



3 reasons why Classical Music is Gold:

  • Energize. Did you ever feel depleted by a stressful day? Chances are you probably heard a lot of negative words and sounds that depleted you. Classical music gives us a super charge of positive energy. It makes us more productive, helps our focus and releases dopamine the ‘happiness’ chemical in our body.


  • Heal. Science has shown that it can help lower high blood pressure, helps in healing after surgery and relieves pain. With Music to Compose You I select music to help you break through to better health.


  • Pray. Gold was one of the gifts of the Magi and most of the great classical composers used their gift of music as a reflection of their Christian faith and love of God. One of my greatest passions is to bring classical music back to its original intent: as a magnificent way to worship God and to bring Him the gold of this quality music.

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