Music is the language of God.
— Ludwig von Beethoven

what is this secret?

Classical music and prayer, a match made in heaven that can take your spiritual life to new heights

All you have to do is listen during prayer, to see your life transform. 

Do you feel like something is missing in prayer? Classical music can be your personal pipeline to God

Welcome To music That Will change your prayer life... 


Do you ever feel swept up in the 'noise' of life? Is something missing in your spiritual life, you connection to God? 

Classical music can help.

In the time of Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart, God filtered supernatural power into their classical works. 

Simply listening to these miraculous melodies have amazing affects in prayer. Whether you're listening while you pray, or alone in the car, classical music can help deepen your connection to God.


The vibrations on the air are the breath of God
— Ludwig von Beethoven