The Beethoven Experience Live



How do you describe Beethoven's music?

Powerful. Passionate. Deeply intimate. 

It is all those things.

..BUT, it also has wisdom to share.

It's the kind of no-nonsense wisdom that  teaches us to follow our destiny no matter how harsh our circumstances may seem.

How did Beethoven accomplish that when his greatest asset, his hearing, was stripped from him by the time he was 32 years old?

Like Beethoven, we all face situations where the obstacles in front of us seem unsurmountable. 

But how do we go on to not only overcome our obstacles but use them as opportunities to shape us into greatness?

Music's greatest master Beethoven can show us how.

Experience it in this 90 minute program.

Hear the music, connect with the message, embrace the transformation. 

Pianists Deacon Atamian and Margaret Wacyk will take you inside Beethoven's heroic piano masterpieces written when the composer was in the battle of his life, facing deafness and a future of silence and isolation.

Feel the passion in the refining fire of his struggle.

It will inspire you to overcome any obstacles and become unshakeable.

Bookings now open for the Fall 2019-Spring 2020 season. Inquire here: