Do you struggle to keep your mind free from anxiety throughout the day, but then another force seems to take over ?

You try your best to prepare for a good day. 

You pray.

You try to eat right.

You think good thoughts.

But then, suddenly your mood plummets.

You start to feel anxious, your heart begins to race and suddenly thoughts of hopelessness start to fill you.

The problem is not you...It's in the atmosphere around you. 

We live in a loud world that tries to rob our peace.

Over 8,000 negative messages attack us every day from the various media outlets.

Why is this critical? 

You become what you Hear.

Negative words, noise, lyrics from songs over time can cause anxiety, depression and physical disease.

Sound is Power

"Therefore be careful how you listen..." Luke 8:18 

We live in a world dominated by low frequency sounds...noises that grip us with anxiety, worry and depression.

Negative words, gloomy news reports, violent lyrics in songs fall into the category of noise that steals our peace.

That's why I created Prayer Piano: To help tune into God's frequency of Peace and tune out Negativity through beautiful, enriching sound.

Prayer Piano combines the power of Scripture with the scientifically proven power of classical music to create a superfood for the Spirit.

Can I let you in on a secret?...

Classical music has unsurpassed musical richness that enhances Scripture.


Because much of it was written for the Glory of God hundreds of years ago, but rarely is this exquisite music heard in the context of prayer. 

Yet, that was the intent of the composers!

Mozart, JS Bach, Beethoven loved God and expressed worship through their musical masterpieces.

No wonder scientists have long realized that classical music is medicine that can restore our nerves, make our hearts healthy, harmonize our brain waves and even help us perform better on tests. 

It is God's special music that has been largely neglected...

The time is now to to reclaim this ripe spiritual fruit that holds much potential to undo the modern abuse of noise on our soul, worship our Creator and restore us to Divine Harmony. 

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