In Music To Compose You music from the time of Bach, Mozart and Chopin is used to broadcast my mission, informing Christians about classical music and it's supernatural effects on prayer.

And it all comes together in a NEAT, EFFERVESCENT package called a MUSICAL COCKTAIL FOR THE SOUL. 

So why classical?

Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and others, dedicated and prayed over their works and used it to glorify God.

These composers elevated their craft to a level of excellence that has not been surpassed. It is of the finest quality and contains patterns, frequencies and spiritual intent that amplifies our prayer life. 

Classical music was their pipeline to God, and now it can be yours, too.

Ever wonder why kids who study with classical music score better on exams than students who don't? Why plants grow towards classical music, and repel from heavy metal and rap? 

There's something about classical music, and now you, too can ignite that passion, peace, and calm; the missing piece to prayer.

All you have to do is listen

How do I start?

Connecting that prayer  pipeline to God  through classical music is not hard!

Music to Compose You makes it easy.

We serve Musical Cocktails for the Soul. 

Together we will cover different struggles that affect our lives, use the power of Scripture over and infuse our prayer with beautiful music. All at the touch of a button.

This is classical music in the modern world.

No more dusty records, powdered wigs, or sleepy lulls.  

Feel the calm, the peace... the radical difference music can make once integrated into prayer.


It doesn't matter who you are, where you are, or how you worship God, classical music will take prayer to a whole other level. 

Prayer has a partner... MUSIC