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Welcome. I'm Margaret Wacyk, a concert pianist, author, recording artist. 

I believe that the music of the past, with it's glorious patterns, high frequencies and sacred geometry has much to offer. Its grace offers us a prayer connection to the Divine. 

It miraculously elevates our Spirit for better living by opening the heart, mind and emotions.

Beethoven called great music the 'highest revelation.'

What did he mean by that?  How can it help us today?

That is the invitation and the journey.

Come along as we soak in the deeper meaning of music. We will reach into the past and take hold of sacred patterns, frequencies and rhythms contained in great music to breathe new vitality to our being. 

You can find me on my YouTube channel where I share weekly videos of curated music. Additionally, explore my original music written for a one-of-a-kind piano tuned to sacred ancient frequencies (known to impart spiritual blessing), or attend an exciting live performance.